Colombian company makes bulletproof clothing and export in 33 countries - Miguel Caballero

RCN news, one of the most important in Colombia and Latin America, decided to know more thoroughly the company that with innovation and social responsibility is present in 33 countries with comfortable armor and discreet.

"RCN Inncentiva", is a section of the evening news, where, with the professionalism of Yamit Palacio; Presents to its spectators the companies that with their dedication, talent and application of new technology, are actors in the transformation of country, and they are referring at international level.

In this note, Yamit Palacio, discovers the secrets that have made this company, one of the leaders of the Latin American market, and with great projections worldwide, because our first ever is and will be "Saving the life of the human being"

Watch the complete note, and know all the secrets of our company ---> full video

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